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Tuxera is a leading international provider of quality-assured data storage management software and networking technologies. We specialize in developing file systems, flash management software, networking stacks, USB drivers, and file sharing software. We help people and businesses store and move data reliably, while making file transfers fast and content easily accessible.

Our customers include car makers, device manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, data-driven enterprises, and many more. We help them solve complex challenges involving data in all its states – at rest, in use, and in motion. They rely on our software to protect data integrity, ensure data accessibility, improve storage performance, transfer data rapidly and security, and extend flash memory lifetime in their products and for their projects.

We are on the lookout for passionate talents to broaden our expertise:

  • Build and Release Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer (SMB implementation)
  • Software Test Engineer (SMB implementation)
  • Technical Support Engineer (SMB implementation)
  • Software Engineer (Networking)
  • Software Engineer (Flash Management)
  • Software Engineer (Filesystem Linux/Android)
  • Software Engineer (Filesystem Userspace/RTOS)
  • Software Test Engineer (Filesystem)
  • Security Engineer
  • Technical Writer

Company-wide benefits

  • A truly international company with colleagues in Finland, Hungary, Japan, USA, and more – with possibility to visit other regional offices!
  • Be a part of a company making software that helps humankind protect their data all over the world – and also in space, the moon, and on other planets!
  • Our employee surveys agree we are committed to:
    • Supporting your work-life balance
    • Freedom to work regardless of time or place
    • Hybrid work
    • Fair salary and perks
    • Meaningful work assignments
    • Pursuing tasks and roles you feel passionate about
  • We don’t have career paths, everyone is unique and we support :
    • Possibility to feel passionate about your field of industry and share that passion with great colleagues
    • Ability to work with and learn from the best filesystem/embedded/SMB professionals in the world

Please send us your cover letter, CV and anything else that shows your skills. Remember to indicate what position you are seeking to fill in your cover letter. We look forward to getting in touch!